MZP Height and Weight Scale

Original price was: $218.99.Current price is: $180.99.

  • Steel base, durable, non-slip, anti-rollover
  • Large LED display for better reading and rejection of blurry displays
  • Stainless steel edge design, effectively prevent scratching the skin
  • The product adopts USB charging design to better protect the environment.
  • Aluminum alloy telescopic height ruler, accurately measure your height Measurement range: 100cm-190cm, both adults and children can measure.

2 in 1 height and weight scale, USB charging, with large capacity battery, energy saving, durable, long standby. Suitable for schools, hospitals, beauty salons, gyms, etc.


Height and weight two in one.

Aluminum alloy height rod, clear scale.

USB powered, charged once, available for several months .

The scales can be separated separately and are easy to carry out.

our customers’ favorite because they fully meet your needs!

Scope of application: kindergarten, medical institutions, enterprises, schools, shopping malls, gyms, hotels, beauty salons, etc.


product information:

Name: height and weight scale

Product material: high quality steel

Power supply mode: USB charging

Weighing range: 0.2-180kg

Height measurement: 100-190cm

Weight scale size: 29.5*35.2*6cm


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