What Do People say about The Products we sell?

Below are the few things people are saying and hot takes concerning some of the products we sell from popular blogs and from  Medicinecabinate.com


“Taking CBD has made a big difference helping me cope much better with the time changes leaving me feeling more refreshed and ready to go”

Marilyn Keller / Facebook

MDMA is an amazing drug. It literally removes all the negative feelings associated with depression and anxiety, both physical and mental, and replaces it with the most euphoric positive emotional rollercoaster you can ever ride. It’s basically an intensive emotional holiday or respite. But once again, it’s temporary. 

Danny Nedelko / Reddit

“I can’t express this enough but microdosing has been a huge help to me in controlling my anxiety.”

Kathleen Turner / Twitter

“I use to be so shy moving around just looking skinny lol, I had tried a lot of remedies but finally found this website “medicinecabinate.com” and got my hands on the Apetamine Syrup and now I am the best version of my self I have always wanted.”

Joan Willis / Medicinecabinate.com

I’m a big fan of ketamine therapy, I think it saved my life. Initially I did intramuscular in my therapist’s office (nurse practitioner practicing under a psychiatrist), and I do that occasionally now (maybe two or three times a year) and sometimes at home with troches that melt under the tongue.

painterknittersimmer / Reddit

MDMA therapy fundamentally changed my life, I think it could be impactful for many people, and I believe it will become a major part of the future of therapy.

Tucker Max / Medium

“yOu kNoW, tHis iSnT gOiNg to FiX eVeRytHinG?!”, yeah no medicine is a guarantee, but I think it’s been shown to be beneficial. So many people are anti anything-that-might-be-fun. It’s like they think that medicine should only taste bad, life is all about pain and that’s just the way it is.

Confusedandreticent / Reddit

My personal experience with Xanax has been very positive. I have a fear of flying so I take one before the flight and what I like is that I don’t get that hangover sleepy withdrawal I would get when taking a daily anti anxiety med.

TemperatureUnique495 / Redditt

I can actually vouch for this I’m diagnosed depressed and I use psychedelics just for fun but I’ve noticed I’m actually happier and just like life a lot more since I started using them also my brain just feels really clear in general.

Ollie / facebook

I take another benzo for panic attacks that wouldn’t stop. It is true. I have it at least half of the time… but it very much depends on the situation. I think you must be fine with a low dose. I have it when (example:) I re-feel a trauma, or have worries about future that I will re-experience a trauma.

Internal_Yak / Reddit

Everyone should do psychedelics at least once in their life. I quit cigarettes cold turkey with no bad withdrawal symptoms a few days after a DMT trip. Absolutely a miracle cure for me.

Creative-Maxim / Reddit

“My name is Carol and my anxiety and panic attacks were something I tried to live with. I started taking anti-anxiety medications on control terms and it has changed my life.

Carol Hughes / Twitter

“3 years ago I moved to Amsterdam where I was able to receive MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD following the MAPS protocol. I had 3 such sessions and experienced a great uplifting, I recommend it.”

Jonas Carr / Medium

Magic mushrooms are a miracle cure for me. Took them two times, over 3 years ago… my quality of life improved DRASTICALLY, I feel lighter physically and emotionally, happier etc. haven’t taken it since since I don’t know how to get it, but god damn they changed my life. I didn’t even have any hallucinations or spiritual experience either.

KobebigbananaXD / Reddit

I continued to suffer from relapse after relapse because I could never tap into the root cause of my substance misuse. Ibogaine profoundly helped to treat the root cause of many of my issues

Lauren Levis / BeÔnd

“3 years ago I moved to Amsterdam where I was able to receive MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD following the MAPS protocol. I had 3 such sessions and experienced a great uplifting, I recommend it.”

Jonas Carr / Medium

I have recently started ketamine therapy, and it has already been life changing for me after only 2 sessions. It was like all of the things I logically knew, I finally felt. That it wasn’t my fault, that I was alone and doing my best to survive as a helpless child, that nobody showed me how to process my emotions, so of course I struggle as an adult. I realized that I am a person who is doing their best with the cards dealt to them and that I don’t need to work to earn love.

9kindsofpie / Reddit

Hey! I’m based in the United Kingdom just started psychedelic therapy. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt very clearly about what my path in life will look like, just working hard to try and be patient with the process!

Outside_Standard_852 / Reddit