Double Medical Storage Medicine Cabinet, Glass Doors Double Wide Open Column Medical Storage Cabinet, Glass Doors, E-Lock, MSPM82-20GE

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this large instrument medical cabinet offers 24″ of true cabinet depth where a variety of boxes or storage accessories can be securely kept within your facility. This model has a double wide open column design which offers further space for catheter slides, double wide shelves and other supplies as there is no middle column divider within the cabinet. Other unique features include two hinged doors that can swing open up to 270 degrees, a pushbutton electronic lock with 20 available user codes, 5” quiet rolling Tente® casters for easy transport and interior side panels with 49 insertion points where double wide accessories can be inserted in a variety of configurations. Bring a new level of mobility and security to your facility’s medical storage solutions by outfitting your staff with this large instrument medical cabinet from Harloff.

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For mobile or fixed storage, our large instrument medical cabinets provide high density and secure storage for valuable medical supplies used in surgical procedures. MedStor Max medical storage cabinets are designed around the most innovative modular tray system on the market and feature your choice of door style for security and ease of access.

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